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SweepMe! measurement and control software

SweepMe! allows to quickly create test&measurement procedures by combining instruments from different vendors. Users can create their own program flows with our low-code/no-code platform.

Typical use cases are
* wafer level test of semiconductor devices
* characterization of transistors, solar cells, LEDs, and sensors
* control of process chambers such as vaccum chambers for thin film deposition
* cycle tests of batteries and electrochemical cells
* Measurements involving robots

SweepMe! is an ideal tool for research & development as the fast configuration of the program allows to evaluate new ideas and start innovating!


Specifications and Deliverables
– Creating Python based instrument drivers
– Support with creating measurement setups
– License for a bundle of add-on modules to boost the free main software
Value Proposition
We help you to automate your setups that consist of different technical components and scientific research equipment.

In our modular low-code/no-code platform many existing contents such as instrument drivers can be directly used by plug&play. This makes the creation of test&measurment software affordable for everyone.

For retrofitting, we also create instrument drivers of older machines and controllers if they have a remote interface. The data can then easily be sent to an IoT network using our add-on module for the MQTT protocol.

As users can create their own measurement procedures in SweepMe!, one can now partially outsource tasks. For example, writing an instrument driver for a not yet included technical equipment can be done by SweepMe! GmbH, while the creation of the program flow is done by the user itself.

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