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Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)


Probe-Corrected FEI Titan G2 80-200 kV ChemiSTEM
Double-Corrected FEI Titan G3 Cubed Themis 60-300 kV JEOL JEM 2100 80-200 kV

Application examples

Internal structure of thin films including chemical and crystallographic information Size, morphology, and distribution of nanomaterials within films and resin coatings Determination of metallised layer thickness in coated films


Specifications and Deliverables
TEM point resolution ≤ 0.24 nm at 200 kV
AC-STEM information limit ≤ 80 pm (200 kV)
Super X energy resolution ≤ 136 eV – 140 eV
Alpha tilt: ±70° (Tomography holder)
Corrected TEM and STEM Imaging (Resolution 63 pm)
Diffraction (Crystallographic analysis)
EDX – Super X (Chemical analysis)
Electron Holography
Differential Phase contrast (DPC) imaging

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