Catalogue of physiochemical and functional characterisation services – FlexFunction2Sustain project deliverable

Deliverable D4.1 presents the Catalogue of Physicochemical and Functional Characterisation Services. This catalogue describes technological support services provided by the FlexFunction2Sustain project partners for the development of nano-functionalised plastic and paperbased flexible materials and membranes. The catalogue is based on the data of the methodologies provided to meet the characterisation needs of the different Case Studies of the project, as described on the FlexFunction2Sustain website ( and in the FlexFunction2Sustain handbook (Deliverable D8.10).

The methodology for the selection of services is based on the analysis of market needs, the available technical offer and the experience gained from the analysis and implementation of the Use Cases. The characterisation services described here will be finally integrated in the FlexFunction2Sustain Service Catalogue (D6.4), in which different technical services will be combined to address complex industrial challenges related to nano-functionalised plastic and paper-based flexible materials and membranes.

The catalogue firstly presents the services resulting from improved FlexFunction2Sustain physicochemical and functional characterisation facilities with the ambition to address the specific needs of the development of new sustainable nano-functionalised materials. The stability of these materials is generally reduced compared to current commercial solutions and require special attention in the quality control of the functional properties exhibited by the surfaces based on them.

Finally, all services provided are described in detail and classified into seven categories:

  • Gas Permeation Barrier testing
  • Electrochemical properties
  • Mechanical properties, integrity, and durability tests
  • Optical properties
  • Surface and microstructure analysis
  • Thermal and rheological properties
  • Test Specimen Preparation

The catalogue of characterisation services is subject to continuous updating to integrate new methodologies when they become available.

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1 July 2022
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International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory INL
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GA 862156
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INL; Fraunhofer; Joanneum;

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