Developement of printed electronics systems and components

Within SAL we are able to support partners in the feasiblity evaluation and prototyping of printed electronics. In addition we take care for transfering receipes to mass manufacturing providers. In this field, SAL offers:

  • Electronics on Everything
  • Efficient Manufacturing, affordable already at small numbers
  • Transparent, lightweight, non-obtrusive, ultra-thin electronics
  • Flexible, bendable, conformable electronics
  • 9 different printing and coating technologies
  • 10 dedicated scientists on printed electronics
  • 150 m2 dedicated space for printed electronics R&D
  • 40 m2 ISO 7 clean room for printed electronics R&D
  • Integration and interconnection of silicon electronics
  • Ink Engineering
  • Surface Modification and Preparation
  • Sintering and Curing Technologies
  • Wireless readout (including battery-free)

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Date published
10 June 2024
Publisher (Company, Organisation)
Silicon Austria Labs GmbH

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