Executive summary and full list of collected facility specifications – FlexFunction2Sustain project deliverable

The FlexFunction2Sustain open innovation test bed offers an open access model for SMEs and industries, providing unique facilities for the nano-functionalization of flexible plastic and paper surfaces and membranes. The project encompasses state-of-the-art equipment across four clusters:

  1. Vacuum Coating Equipment:
    • Machines like the LabFlex® 200 and NovoFlex® 600 enable vacuum roll-to-roll sputtering and coating, capable of processing polymer films, metal foils, and textiles. They specialize in optical coatings, permeation barriers, and coatings for batteries.
    • Additional systems like LBnano and the Sheet-to-Sheet Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) provide nanoparticle aggregation, PECVD, and ALD for substrate sizes up to A4.
  2. Atmospheric Pressure Equipment:
    • AtmoFlex 1250 offers roll-to-roll coating for polymer films using electron beam curing and slot-die coating.
    • The R2R Coating and Lamination machine supports flexible films for food packaging and technical applications.
    • Coatema's Click and Coat® pilot lines (CC08 and LS29) specialize in nanocellulose barrier coating, printed electronics, and sustainable packaging with multiple coating techniques.
    • INL's ultrasonic spray coating machines and BLNano’s nanoparticle deposition systems are tailored for biopolymer coatings and antimicrobial surface applications.
  3. Nano-Structuring Equipment:
    • JOANNEUM RESEARCH's R2R UV Nanoimprint pilot line specializes in optical films, lab-on-foil, and biomimetic structures.
    • AUTH's Laser Structuring Facility enables laser processing for organic photovoltaics and OLEDs.
    • Coatema’s Nano-Imprint-Lithography test facilities offer roll-to-roll lamination for optical security films and recyclable packaging.
  4. Printed Electronics Equipment:
    • AUTH's Flexible Printed Electronics Line and OVPD machine facilitate printed electronics production for polymer films.
    • Fraunhofer IAP's Sheet-to-Sheet Printed Electronics Line integrates ALD, inkjet printing, and vacuum evaporation for organic electronic devices.

These diverse machines and facilities enable cutting-edge research and development in flexible electronics, sustainable packaging, and advanced coatings, serving as a comprehensive resource for industry innovation.

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Date published
22 May 2023
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Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP
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GA 862156

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