Regulatory and Standardisation needs in bio-based industries

The STAR4BBI project will support adaption of the regulatory framework and relevant standards for selected existing value chains and for the development of new value chains based on biomass from forests, from agriculture and from organic waste.

For this purpose, a previous research was conducted on possible upcoming innovations in the next 10-15 years that would have positive impacts in terms of improving biomass availability and production processes in biorefineries. The results were published in March 2018 and are available in the D3.1 on “Identification of technological trends in selected value chains”1.

Conclusion thereof is that the following measures will play an important role in upscaling the bio-based industry in the studied timeframe:

  • to establish a supportive regulatory framework for the bioeconomy;
  • to adopt relevant principles of the cascading use of biomass;
  • to use alternative innovative feedstock (e.g. food waste and industrial waste);
  • to adopt digitalization in agriculture and forestry;
  • to establish cooperation agreements with farmers and forest owners.

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Date published
28 February 2019
Publisher (Company, Organisation)
Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) co-edited with NOVA Institute, Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and Netherlands Standardisation Institute
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Funding Reference for Project (if applicable)
GA 720685

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