Textiles and the Environment – The role of design in Europe’s circular economy

The report presents key findings about the European textile industry's environmental impact and the potential for a circular economy. It highlights:

  1. Environmental Impact: The textile industry significantly contributes to environmental issues, including high water consumption, chemical pollution, and substantial greenhouse gas emissions. Specific data on these impacts are outlined in the report.
  2. Raw Material Use: The report provides detailed statistics on the consumption of raw materials, emphasizing the need for sustainable sourcing.
  3. Eco-Design and Circular Economy: The importance of eco-design in reducing environmental impact is stressed, with examples and strategies for implementation.
  4. Challenges in Implementing Circular Business Models: The report discusses the obstacles to adopting circular business models, such as recycling and product take-back schemes.
  5. Policy Recommendations: The report offers policy recommendations to support the transition to a sustainable, circular textile industry.

These points are backed by specific facts and numbers detailed in the report, offering a comprehensive view of the current state and future potential of Europe's textile industry.

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Date published
10 February 2022
Publisher (Company, Organisation)
European Environment Agency

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