Whitepaper on machine and radiation safety of inline-insitu X-ray + HSI units

The project NanoQI (see concept Figure 1) targets the development of an industry-suited, real-time and in-line capable technique to characterise nano-structure and nano-dimensions of (thin-film) nano-materials by optimisation of area-detector based XRR and XRD concepts and their multi-modal combination with a novel wide-angle hyperspectral
imaging (HSI) technique. Therewith, NanoQI will provide industry access to real time evaluation of nanomaterial geometry, structure and morphology and correlative imaging of deviations of these properties.

X-ray characterisation techniques generate radiation, which are harmful to health and have to be shielded to satisfy national law regularities and to ensure safety environment for device operators. In the NanoQI project existing pilot plants are upgraded with XRR, XRD and HSI measurement equipment. Safety assessment should ensure that the modifications will not alter or reduce the safety level of the system. A full radiation safety assessment will secure that all regulations are satisfied and operation is allowed in the daily operation conditions. The results of the radiation safety evaluation is integrated to teaching material to accelerate industry uptake of the system at future customers of
NanoQI Technology.

This report gives short overview about safety measures that are required for (a) running adapted X-ray metrology units at-line (in proximity of manufacturing machines) and (b) in-line integrated into a process chain in a manufacturing machine. Furthermore, machine safety considerations are given for the integration of HSI equipment as inline metrology into thin film processing machines.


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1 June 2021
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Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP
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GA 862055

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