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Anti-reflective polymer surfaces via plasma etching

Fraunhofer FEP, together with Fraunhofer IOF and industrial partners, have developed a method for making polymer surfaces anti-reflective in an efficient roll-to-roll or sheet-to-sheet process by using plasma etching – the “PoLAR” process. Using dual magnetron plasma technology, PoLAR exhibits more efficient process properties and higher througput compared coating based approaches.



Specifications and Deliverables
Sheets or rolls of AR treated polymer surfaces with max dimensions:
– sheets up to 1 x 0,65 m²
– rolls up to 500 x 0,65 m²
– Optimized technology towards your material and application needs
– Tranmission up to 99.% with both side treatment
Value Proposition
Outdoor durable and stable anti-reflective surfaces for Photovoltaics, Lighting, and decorative purposes. Antireflection properties are broadband and less dependent on viewing angle than multilayer coating based approaches. PolAR process enables multifunctional surfaces combining anti-reflection with easy-to-clean, anti-fingerprint, hydrophobic or hydrophylic surrfaces.

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