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Anti-reflective polymer surfaces via plasma etching

Fraunhofer FEP, together with Fraunhofer IOF and industrial partners, have developed a method for making polymer surfaces anti-reflective in an efficient roll-to-roll or sheet-to-sheet process by using plasma etching – the “PoLAR” process. Using dual magnetron plasma technology, PoLAR exhibits more efficient process properties and higher througput compared coating based approaches.



Specifications and Deliverables
Outdoor durable and stable anti-reflective surfaces for Photovoltaics, Lighting, and decorative purposes. Antireflection properties are broadband and less dependent on viewing angle than multilayer coating based approaches. PolAR process enables multifunctional surfaces combining anti-reflection with easy-to-clean, anti-fingerprint, hydrophobic or hydrophylic surrfaces.

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