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coFlex(R) 600 Roll-to-roll web coating machine

The coFlex® 600 vacuum web coating plant can be used to deposit optical, electrical,
and decorative layers on substrates via sputtering techniques and magnetron
PECVD processes. Line speed of up to 100 meters per minute can be achieved.
Potential applications for the coated materials are numerous. Optical layer
systems are, for example, used for UV mirrors and as infrared-reflecting heat
protection layers. Electromagnetic decoupling layers (EMI layers) and
transparent conducting layers are used for displays. Flexible solar cells require
front and back contacts or transparent conducting layers which are applied to
polymer films .



Flyer – coFlex(R) 600


Input needed from customer
substrate dimensions, specifications for the coatings
Specifications and Deliverables
Machine specifications:
– deposition width: 200 … 600 mm
– maximum web width: 650 mm
– web thickness: 7 … 200 µm
– suited substrate materials: plastic web (PET, PEN, PI, PC, ETFE and others), thin metal foils, paper
– coating materials: metals, oxides (TiO2, SiO2, Al2O3, SnO2, HfO2, WO3, and others), transparent conductors (ITO, DMD stacks, low-e stacks)
– process modules: 6 modules – up to 6 layers at per coating run; planar and rotatable magnetrons
– processing techniques: DC sputtering, pulsed DC sputtering, Magnetron-PECVD,
– inline monitoring: optical transmission and reflection and electrical sheet resistance
Value Proposition
surface functionalisation of plastic web with transparent conductors, optical coatings (reflective, anti-reflective, optical filters), permeation barriers, metal layers, hydrophobic or hydrophilic coatings, antibacterial coatings.

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