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Certification : OK biodegradable MARINE

The study of the biodegradation of plastics at sea represents a strong ecological interest when we know that the majority of plastics found at sea are of terrestrial origin. This is why the study of biodegradation kinetics can then have a real impact on the end of life of a product ending up at sea.


The OK biodegradable MARINE certificate can be granted to the following materials or products:
– All raw materials
– All components and constituents also known as intermediate products
– All finished products
On the condition that they meet the requirements described in this certification scheme (biodegradable in the marine environment) and that they are non-floating material (density greater than 1.05 g/cm³).


Specifications and Deliverables
OK biodegradable MARINE label
duration: 6 months
500g per plastic sample
2 samples per test

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