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Recyclability testing facility according to RecyClass Protocol

IPC has numerous equipment to ensure the level of quality and recyclability of your packaging from a usage and regulatory point of view. Some of this equipment makes it possible to carry out the tests planned to obtain RecyClass accreditation:

  • A recycling line including the equipment necessary for processing flexibles and or rigid plastic objects (size reduction, dust removal, washing, separation by flotation, drying and preparation of mixtures).
  • Regeneration/filtration equipment (extrusion and filtration of the melt with defined sieve sizes)
  • Equipment for transforming regenerated pellets (cast-film extrusion, injection of standardized test pieces and extrusion-blowing of bottles).
  • And, laboratory analysis equipment to characterize the properties of the recycled pellets and objects (physico-chemical, aesthetic and mechanical properties).

Certification possibilities: Technology Approval

  • Packaging including an innovation not entirely covered by Recyclass’ Design for Recycling guidelines
  • The packaging will follow the Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PP Films or PE Films (also available for rigid objects)


Specifications and Deliverables
Input: 10 kg of innovative packaging & 25 kg of control film

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