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Company Valuation including Expert Opinion

What is the value of my company?

Scope of the company valuation:

Step 1: Review of financial documents

  • Review & valuation of previously recorded cost and revenue sources
  • Recording of assets and financial data to be valued
  • Coordinating with you on current assumptions and agreeing any changes or scenarios

Step 2: Transfer planning data to P&L and cash flow planning

  • Transfer of the verified values from phase 1 into the planning tool
  • Preparation of a profit and loss account
  • Preparation of a cash flow plan, including certain key figures for investors
  • Basis for carrying out the business valuation
  • Feedback loop and reconciliation

Step 3: Business valuation

  • Implementation of the data from step 2
  • Calculation of the enterprise value according to three valuation methods
  • Evaluation of the result and classification of the figures
  • Preparation of the data for handover and further use by the client

Step 4: Documentation, recommendations & handover of data

  • Preparation & documentation of the results from steps 1-3 in the form of an expert report
  • Handover of the planning data & company evaluation in the form of a joint discussion
  • Discussion on further strategy & recommendation of next steps
  • Proposal & presentation of measures for investor acquisition & argumentation structures

Optional module – Creation of a scenario analysis

  • Development of turnover scenarios and their impact on the business model
  • Preparation of a base, best and worst case scenario
  • Preparation of the figures in the form of a financial planning Excel for further use, e.g. in meetings with investors

You will receive:

We will review the existing financial plans and ratios in order to convert them into a cash flow plan. With the help of this planning, the value of the company is to be calculated in order to have an objective basis for possible offers for the acquisition of shares. The developed documents and calculation tools are to be prepared in such a way that they can be used by the client as a future basis for business planning beyond the project. The results will be handed over in the form of written documentation as an expert opinion.

Delivery time: upon mutual agreement

The results can be used for financing and investor discussions.


Specifications and Deliverables
Preparation of a profit and loss account, Preparation of a cash flow plan, Calculation of the enterprise value according to three valuation methods, Statement about the value of company shares
Value Proposition
We show you an objective value of your company, you receive an argumentation basis for investor discussions!

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