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Patent valuation

What is the value of my patent?

Scope of the patent valuation:

Step 1: Sifting & Reviewing Documents

  • Review, check & evaluate the findings to date
  • Recording of the assets to be valued
  • Coordination with you on current assumptions and agreement on any changes or scenarios

Step 2 & 3: Recording of valuation risks & collection of company data

  • Recording of relevant internal data and findings in the context of a digital conversation
  • Determination and collection of relevant influencing factors on the value to be determined
  • Analysis, research and evaluation of relevant market data
  • Forecast of technology-induced turnover
  • Basis for carrying out the valuation
  • Feedback loop and coordination

Step 4: Determination of monetary value / worth

  • Consolidation & implementation of data from previous steps
  • Selection of the appropriate valuation method
  • Calculation of the value according to the chosen method
  • Transfer of the value into the planning tool
  • Evaluation of the result and classification of the figures
  • Preparation of the data for transfer and further use by the client

Step 5: Documentation, recommendations for action & handover of data

  • Preparation & documentation of the results from the previous steps in the form of an expert report
  • Handover of the documents in the form of a joint discussion
  • Discussion on further strategy & recommendation of next steps
  • Proposal & presentation of measures for investor acquisition & argumentation structures

You will receive:

The aim of patent valuation is to assign a (monetary) value to an invention, a patent or a patent portfolio as an intangible asset that represents the asset value as realistically as possible.

Delivery time: upon mutual agreement

The results can be used for financing and investor discussions.


Specifications and Deliverables
The results can be used for financing and investor discussions.

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