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METEOR® Plastics Mixing Line

METEOR® Pilot line (patented by IPC) is based on an innovative extensional flow mixing technology used to develop specific material formulations with an efficient dispersion of additives while reducing the thermomechanical degradation of the material.

This pilot line is dedicated:

to reach good dispersive and distributive mixing, the two key conditions for a successful plastics compounding;

to reduce the shearing forces, compared to the traditional extrusion machine like the twinscrew extruder;

to reduce the shear heating (also called the overheating of the polymer melt) which will avoid the thermal degradation of the polymer melt (for sensitive polymers like biobased polymers);

to reduce indeed the power consumption during the compounding process.


  • METEOR® pilot line (patented)
  • On-line rheometer
  • Flat die
  • Scamex cast line with take-off station

Application examples

Compounding PLA with crosslinking additives in order to improve its thermal stability


Specifications and Deliverables
Compounding and specific material formulations development with an efficient dispersion of additives while reducing the thermo-mechanical degradation of the material

– Film coextrusion
– High temperatures, up to 300°C,
– Compounding process throughput range: from just a few kg/h up to 100 kg/h

– Line speed: 0 to 35 m/min
– Films thickness range: 25 to 250 μm
– Films width: 300 to 330 mm

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