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Electromagnetic shielding

Year after year, damage amounting to millions is caused by electromagnetic interference or static discharges. It is often difficult to determine the cause of these damages. There are a number of measures to prevent such damage.

To this end, precautions are taken using a variety of equipment and materials to prevent such irradiation and discharges.

ROWO offers a range of different materials from the ROWOSHIELD® product family, such as highly conductive coated films, nonwovens and fabrics, for different applications.


We offer the following ROWOSHIELD® shielding materials as standard:

SubstratePolyester Ripstop fabricPolyester Spunbond VliesPolyester Spunbond Vlies
Weight115 g/m²85 g/m²42 g/m²
Width1.400 mm1.500 mm1.500 mm
CoatingCopper +
corrosion protection
Copper +
corrosion protection
Sheet Resistance≤ 10 mΩ / ≤ 10 mΩ / < 300 mΩ / 
Shielding Attenuation
(ASTM D-4935-89)
78 – 93 dB
bei 0,01 – 4 GHz
80 – 88 dB
bei 0,01 – 4 GHz
47 – 50 dB
bei 0,01 – 4 GHz


In addition to standard materials, ROWO also offers customer-specific developments which optimally meet the respective customer requirements with regard to substrate, coating material and shielding attenuation.





Specifications and Deliverables
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