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Research & Development

The development of ROWO is characterized by a high flexibility regarding our possible coating methods.

In addition to proficient consulting in terms of finding the right solutions the customers of ROWO appreciate quick decision making and a professional project execution.

Various research projects for well renowned companies have been completed in the past.

Besides projects for individual companies ROWO regularly works in publicly sponsored research projects in cooperation with companies and research institutes.

Another focus of ROWO lies on the development of custom-tailored coatings for polymer materials.

Furthermore ROWO is involved in processing steps which follow the metallization process.

Special attention is paid to innovative structuring methods for the development and optimization of materials for the circuit board- and cable industry and for applications with electromagnetic compatibility.


Specifications and Deliverables
Development of vacuum coatings with professional project management
Value Proposition
Get your customized vacuum coating developed to serve the needs your customers

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