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Plasma treatment

In order to achieve optimum adhesion even on low-energy surfaces, ROWO can subject the substrates to plasma modification.

A plasma system upstream of the coating station enables us to clean and activate the substrate surface inline directly before metallization. The low-pressure plasma is generated by a bipolar pulsed glow discharge. By varying the coupled power, the gases used and the web speed, the surface modification for the different substrate materials can be specifically optimized.

Compared to a corona discharge operated at atmospheric pressure, the low-pressure plasma has plasma particles with significantly higher energies that achieve a much more effective activation and cleaning of the substrate surface. While the corona pre-treatment is rapidly reduced, the pre-treatment in low-pressure plasma is stable over a much longer period of time. In addition, the low-pressure plasma is very homogeneous compared to the corona discharge, which leads to a more uniform treatment of the surfaces.

ROWO also offers this plasma pretreatment as contract pretreatment for customer’s own substrates.


Specifications and Deliverables
Using suitable gas mixtures, functional groups and radicals can be specifically generated on the polymer surface, which significantly improve the surface energy and thus the wetting/adhesion of subsequent metallization, printing or coating.

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