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FlexFunction2Sustain Services for physiochemical and functional characterisation of plastic and paper based nanofunctionalized materials

The FlexFunction2Sustain Open Innovation Test Bed offers a variety of specialized services for physiochemical and functional characterisation for nanofunctionalized plastic and paper surfaces, membranes and products.

Available facilities include e.g.:

  • Mechanical stress and strain tests conbined with (in-situ) permeation barrier failure analysis including strain test, 1-axis and multi-axes bending, rolling and nanoindentation tests
  • Adhesion performance testing
  • Abrasion and scratch resistance evaluation
  • Large area optical surface inspection with confocal laser scanning microscopy and white-light interferometry
  • Surface topography and surface chemistry analysis with atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, contact angle measurement and more
  • Thin film optical analyses using spectrometry and spectroscopic ellipsometry
  • Water vapor permeation barrier testing in a range from 10-6 g/(m²d) to 100 g/(m²d)
  • Oxygen permeation barrier testing in a range from 10-2 cm³/(m²d bar) to > 100 cm³/(m²d bar)
  • Analysis of performance of (organic) thin film semiconductor layers using voltametry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, sheet resistance measurement


Value Proposition
Understand and eliminate failure of your materials or optimize proporties towards application needs with proven, high-performance surface characterisation and inspection methodology.

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