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TEM lamella preparation

One of the main use of the dual beam SEM/FIB (Scanning Electron Microscope) / (Focused Ion Beam) systems is the sample preparation for TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy). In order for the TEM measurement to be possible, a sample preparation should be conducted in such a way that its thickness is below 100nm. This critical thickness allows the electron beam to be transmitted through the sample and this enables imaging of fine micro structure of the specimen.

The lift-out method as ion beam technique with utility of dual beam systems SEM/FIB is one of many among TEM lamella preparation processes. Although lift-out method is in general more expensive it gives better TEM results and the technique itself is direct, flexible and it is 100% controlled by the SEM/FIB operator.



Input needed from customer
What are the size of the object?
What is the type of material?
What is the area of interest?
What is the goal of the measurements?
Specifications and Deliverables
– selective material extraction
– TEM lamella preparation
– TEM measurements
Value Proposition
TEM sample preparation and imaging in Ultra High Resolution

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