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Coating Thickness Measurements

The thickness of the layer is often a critical parameter that influences the usability of the manufactured elements. For special coatings made of precious and semi-precious metals, their thickness must be strictly controlled within certain intervals.

The offered layer thickness measurement allows a precise determination of the layer thickness at the location specified by the customer. The high-resolution imaging mode allows the measurement of multilayer coatings with a thickness of a few nanometers.

During the thickness measurements, a local cross-section is created, whose surface is polished with the focused ion beam. This allows the analysis of the cross-section surface of the examined object with electron and ion microscopy techniques. These studies are perfect for the quality of sintered, welds and multi -layer structures (e.g. integrated circuits or anti -reflective coatings).


Input needed from customer
What are the size of the object?
What is the type of material?
What elements are the target of the study?
What is the area of interest?
What is the goal of measurements?
Specifications and Deliverables
– thickness measurement
– elemental composition
– morphology
– topography
– microstructure
Value Proposition
Quality control
Defect analysis

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