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Plastics Optical Sorting Testing Services


Optical sorting. Static detection tests can be performed to assess if a structure under development is detectable by the machine and ultimately sortable. Upon success, such a structure can be evaluated in its final form through dynamic tests. These dynamic tests can occur either with several units of the sample alone or within a waste stream to mimic their behaviour in a reallife situation.


  • Mistral+ Connect DVI 1200 – Pellenc ST; This machine was selected to be representative of modern sorting centers while offering the versatility to perform several types of testing.
  • equipped with a highresolution sorting bar

Application examples

Verification of compatibility with existing sorting technologies for recyclable innovative packaging


Specifications and Deliverables
Near Infra-Red and visible spectra detection

Assessment of sortability with static and dynamic tests

– Samples: films or rigid materials, 20mm to 350mm, max 10kg/m²

– Maximal flow rate: 1 to 3t/h, depending on samples area density

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