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Processing thermoplastic materials: Extrusion and compounding

We offer customers the use of our technical facilities for extrusion and compounding. This enables you to test the processing and functional properties of your materials prior to industrial application. Reliable results can be obtained with material quantities as low as 1 kg. Using our facilities to test and optimize your products also has the benefit of enabling your production plants to continue running as normal. This effectively reduces your development costs.

Our equipment can be used to manufacture polymer compounds, monolayer films, multilayer films, and deep-drawn components. We also have a comprehensive range of analytical instruments to characterize your raw materials, model products, and their application properties.

We offer:

  • Polymer/plastic processing trials on a scale from 1 kg to 100 kg
  • Advanced equipment for compounding and extrusion
  • Analytical characterization of raw materials and model products
  • Coating of polymers and other web-shaped materials, e.g. paper and aluminum
  • Contract work
  • Use of our facilities with supervision by our employees


Input needed from customer
Polymer/plastic processing trials on a scale from 1 kg to 100 kg
Specifications and Deliverables
Co-rotating twin screw extruder (Collin compounder)
7-layer flat film extrusion equipment with measuring extruder andmonitoring of the film thickness
5-layer flat film extrusion equipment with capcitive thickness measurement and regulation
Thermoforming plant for deep-drawing plastic trays
Value Proposition
We offer the manufacture of small series and transferability of the acquired process parameters to production plant. Determination of the processing and application properties of new materials or new material combinations

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