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SEM/ESEM Quanta 650

A highly versatile scanning electron microscope that can be used under high, low, and extended vacuum (ESEM) conditions allows the observation of uncoated samples in their original state.

It operates with a Schottky field emission gun that provides high beam intensity and stability. The electron acceleration voltage ranges from 1 – 30 kV.


Specifications and Deliverables
• Voltage: 1 – 30 kV
• SEM Imaging (Resolution 1 nm)
• Low vacuum/”Environmental” SEM Imaging
• (Biological samples/Soft matter)
• EDXS (Chemical analysis)
• Cooling/Heating stage (in-situ) » -20ºC – 1500 ºC
• SE/BSE detectors (Topographical/Structural analysis)

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