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Characterisation of Plastic Webs – for Coating, Processing and Application

Characterisation of Plastic Webs – for Coating, Processing and Application

Fraunhofer FEP has established a set of proven workflows to characterise plastic web surfaces regarding their surface quality to evaluate the performance of the plastic web for different use scenarios, e.g.:

  • Permeation barrier coatings
  • Using the web as substrate for flexible electronics
  • processabiliy at higher temperature

Therefore, we use a set of multiple characterisation methods such as:

  • Surface properties and imaging (including defects, particles, surface morphology and roughness analysis)
    • Optical and Confical Microscopy
    • White Light Interferometry
    • Atomic Force Microscopy
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy
    • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Mechanical and Thermomechanical properties
    • Adhesion testing (cross-cutting test; peeltest according to IPC-TM650)
    • Abrasion resistance test, pencil hardness test and nano indentation
    • Linear strain test, and evaluation of Young’s modulus
    • Temperature dependent Young’s modulus
  • Optical Properties
    • Transmittance and Reflectance Spectra from 300 nm … 2500 nm wavelength (UV-VIS-Spectrometer)
    • Directed, scattered and total transmittance and reflectance
    • Visual Light Transmittance, Reflectance and Absorbance
    • Haze and Glare
  • Chemical and structural Properties
    • Organic bonds (Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy)
    • Atomic Composition (GD-OES)
    • Crystallinity (X-ray diffraction analysis)
    • Wettability and surface energy
  • Accelerated Ageing Testing
    • Outdoor weathering tests
    • Damp-Heat-Storage (85°C/85% r.h.)
  • Permeability
    • Water vapor tranmsission rate (10 … 85°C)
    • Oxygen transmission rate (at 23°C/0% r.h.)


Input needed from customer
– Samples of the material
– question to answer / specification
Specifications and Deliverables
– report with analysis results
– recommendation for improvement of the material
Value Proposition
With our methodology we allow users to qualify their polymer films regarding the usability in coating processes (e.g. for gas barrier coatings) or for application scenarios (e.g. outdoor use; scratch protection film) and other.

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