Circular Business Models in the Textile Industry – New Cotton Project White Paper

Whilst researching the main circular business models available in the literature, the authors came across several approaches and categorisations of businesses, canvases, etc. This white paper was written with the intent of concisely explaining the main business models and canvases in a direct, thorough manner, providing our interpretations and, of course, practical examples for further understanding of their particularities.

This white paper then divides the main business models into four categories: product and use-oriented, service and dataoriented, production-oriented, and result-oriented. It also presents three canvases: flourishing, circulab, and the circular business model tool. By doing so, we are assisting readers who might be interested in embracing circularity but are missing the know-how.

The textile industry is at the core of our work and the examples presented here also include a re-collection of the first white paper in the series (Circular Economy in the Textile Industry) .The examples can be found in more detail in the first publication1,
but they are contextualised here according to the corresponding business model.

Finally, with the intention of promoting growth and the means to innovate, this white paper concludes by discussing the process of transitioning to circularity and analysing business from a value creation perspective. This is then followed by business models innovations: a review of the literature and guideline for measuring success.

The Full Text of the White Paper is accessible directly via the Aalto University Library Website.

Document Details and Download

Website Source or DOI Link
Date published
1 August 2022
Publisher (Company, Organisation)
Aalto University Finland
Research Project Title
New Cotton Project
Funding Reference for Project (if applicable)
GA 101000559

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