Interactive ecosystem for Circular Textiles: The New Cotton Project case

Focused on the industrial aspects of the New Cotton Project, this white paper is also the syllabus for the ‘Interactive ecosystem for circular textiles’ course[1]. Here, we present the results and discoveries of the first 24 months of the project, using the examples as platforms for transforming the industry and enabling an easier transition towards circularity.

Through a series of diagrams, we introduce the reader to the experience of expanding to a commercial scale the development of a new technique to create cotton-like fibres from used and discarded garments and textiles (post-consumer textile waste).

This fourth white paper also presents the industrial collaboration and partnership embraced by the consortium partners in the project as well as in the development of the Interactive map course, which is composed of three flows:

  1. Material: illustrates the material journey within the New Cotton Project.
  2. Knowledge: visually assists the student with visual cues to the steps within the ecosystem.
  3. Ecosystemic: provides conclusive explanations of the interactions between the consortium members.

[1] Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) created as part of the New Cotton Project’s knowledge propagation objective and accessible via:

Download the full report directly from Aalto University Library.

Document Details and Download

Date published
1 March 2023
Publisher (Company, Organisation)
Aalto University Finland
Research Project Title
New Cotton Project
Funding Reference for Project (if applicable)
GA 101000559

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