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Characterization of plastic containing waste fractions

Fraunhofer IVV is capable of determining the contents of thermoplastics in a material. This includes explicitly inhomogeneous waste streams e.g. from the automotive industry, packaging wastes, construction & demolition or others. The composition analysis is mainly performed by selective extraction of each thermoplastic polymer. In addition, the quality of the polymer fractions can be analysed in terms of purity, molecular weight, thermal properties, metal content and other properties.


Input needed from customer
2-3 kg of the material is needed; a basic description of expected polymers is beneficial. Furthermore, we request a description of the waste source, sampling and the expected waste heterogeneity.
Specifications and Deliverables
A breakdown of the contained polymers and its contents will be given; optionally the properties of each polymer can be analysed. Results will be shared with the customer in a detailed report.
Value Proposition
The characterisation reveals the content of valuable components and contaminants in a given waste stream and indicates its value for recycling opportunities. It also hints at the challenges a recycling/recovery option has to meet.

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