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Double Corrected TEM/STEM Titan Themis

A probe and image-corrected (scanning) transmission electron microscope optimized for elemental analysis and high-resolution TEM/STEM imaging. The microscope is equipped with a monochromator, four energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy detectors and a GIF for electron energy loss spectroscopy (Dual EELS).

The microscope also has a bi-prism for electron holography. An in-situ sample holder allows heating and biasing experiments.


Specifications and Deliverables
• Voltage: 60 – 300 kV (X-FEG)
• Monochromator
• Corrected TEM Imaging (Resolution 63 pm)
• Corrected STEM Imaging (Resolution 63 pm)
• Diffraction (Crystallographic analysis)
• EDX – Super X (Chemical analysis)
• Dual EELS (Energy resolution 190 meV)
• Electron Holography
• Lorentz microscopy
• In-situ sample holder (heating/biasing)
• Differential Phase contrast (DPC) imaging

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