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Metallographic laboratory setup

Our advanced laboratory setup facilitates the preparation of material samples for in-depth analysis. We have the capability to perform imaging using various techniques, including laser confocal microscopy, optical microscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, as well as atomic force microscopy. These techniques enable the assessment of surface quality and the evaluation of microstructure morphology across a wide range of scales, from the nano to the macro level.


  • Metallographic cutter.
  • Hot mounting device.
  • Metallographic grinding and polishing machine.
  • Metallographic electro-polishing machine.
  • DM2700 Leica metallographic microscope.


Specifications and Deliverables
– Qualitative analysis of microstructure.
– Identification of material defects.
– Identification of technological processes conducted on the tested component.
– Evaluation of graphite nodules in terms of shape, distribution, and size.
– Measurement of coating thickness using metallographic and scanning electron microscopy methods.
– Assessment of non-metallic inclusions.
– Grain size evaluation.
– Measurement of carburization/nitridation depth using metallographic methods.
– Measurement of surface-hardened layer thickness using metallography.

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