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Project Idea Verification, Concept preparation and Funding Call Identification

We support you in accessing EU Horizon Europe Funding by finding the appropriate funding call, supporting you in defining the project idea and finding the right project partners for forming a consortium.

After the first concept phase we will deliver you a short project concept document and support the decision for preparing a proposal. 

If you decide to go for proposal preparation, we may guide you in a separate contract through the whole process together with our partners AMIRES.


Input needed from customer
description of your idea, objective, technology
if available – identified funding calls (see KETMarket's funding and finance database for finding right calls)
Specifications and Deliverables
Project concept document supporting go/no-go decision for proposal preparation
Tentative consortium list
Plan for next actions.
Value Proposition
Access public funding for developing, demonstrating and up-scaling your process, product or technology
Concentrate your effort on projects and proposals with high success rate
Save time by not following ideas with low success rate

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