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R&D contract planning and coordination

In a first step, we translate together with you your idea, problem or requirement into technical specifications. After that we plan for you the R&D project and identify suited suppliers from R&D institutes, university and R&D service company and negotiate contracts, IP access rules and service packages with the suppliers. Finally, we coordinate, manage and supervise the whole R&D project for maximum cost efficiency and shortest possible time to market.

Within the whole process, we support you in accessing funding and finance for your development and – together with our partners – we prepare together with you the whole funding application.

The service is offered with in the framework of the European Open Innovation Ecosystem that provides proven procedures for smooth interaction between multiple R&D suppliers, a reliable contract framework and high level expertise in the fields of:

  • Nanotechnology, nanomaterials and smart materials
  • thin film and coating technologies (vacuum and atmospheric pressure) on rigid and flexible substrates including plastic web and paper.
  • Flexible, printed and large area electronics
  • eco-analysis, life cycle analysis and product cost assessment.



Input needed from customer
A description of your need, requirement, idea.
Specifications and Deliverables
1. agreed technical specification sheet to be sent to R&D supplier and pilot facilities
2. project plan for your development including list of required suppliers
3. customer oriented contracts for R&D services to be purchased from universities and research institutes
4. coordination of the whole project including data and knowledge management
5. final report of the project.
Value Proposition
1. Increased efficiency for buying R&D services from research institutes and universities.
2. reduced cost for material, process and product development through using the experience from earlier projects and avoiding duplicate or unneccessary experiments.
3. faster time to market (up to 50% savings possible)

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