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Quanta 3D 200i ESEM/Ga-FIB microscope combines an electron microscope, based on a tungsten cathode, and an ion microscope. Its great advantage is the possibility of using three imaging modes: high vacuum (Hi-Vac), low vacuum (Lo-Vac) and environmental (ESEM). Depending on the sample type, the microscope’s resolving power is estimated at approx. 300–500 nm. In the low vacuum mode (Lo-Vac), images of dry non-conductive samples can be obtained without any pre-preparation. On the other hand, environmental SEM – due to the controlled vacuum – allows for the testing of biological and other preparations that begin to gas under high vacuum conditions. These can be samples in liquid and solid form, highly humid samples, and all samples incompatible with high vacuum, e.g. plant and animal tissues. Available detectors: ETD, BSE, LFD for Low Vac and GSED for ESEM mode.

It works with many materials, such as:

  • ceramics
  • films and thin films
  • metals
  • semiconductors
  • non-hassing objects
  • polymers


Specifications and Deliverables
– three imaging modes: high vacuum (Hi-Vac), low vacuum (Lo-Vac) and environmental (ESEM)
– controlled vacum
– testing of biological preparations
– enables gassing the samples
Value Proposition
It has many applications, such as:

– study of fresh and living biological materials
– study of the effect of drugs on cancer clls
– wide applications for the industrial sector, such as textile, chemical and more
– biological films

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