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R2R sputtering Labflex® 200

Coating of flexible products

The refinement of surfaces of plastic films and other flexible materials with thin layers enables the usage of these materials for a wide range of innovative products.
In the Fraunhofer FEP, vacuum roll-toroll and batch-type coating systems are used for the development of cost efficient production processes. This includes the layer stack design as well as the development of the coating technologies.

Pulse magnetron sputtering:

  • dual-magnetron-sputtering
  • magnetron-PECVD
  • in-line pretreatment
  • comprehensive and overall process development for deposition of layer stacks under production-like conditions
  • plasma polymerization
  • DC-sputtering



Flyer – labFlex® 200


Specifications and Deliverables
deposition width: 200 mm
web thickness: 12 … 200 μm
web speed: 0.1 … 6 m/min
sputter equipment: dual-magnetron-sputter-system (DMS-system), single-magnetron-sputter-system (SMS-system), ion source, HF plasma source
separately pumped zones: 3
layer material: metals, TiO2, SiO2, Nb2O5, ITO, ZAO,SnO2, HfO2, WO3, TiN, Si3N4, ZrO2
In-situ monitoring: optical transmission + reflection, sheet resistance

More Info and Video

Additional documents (Flyers, Specification Sheets, Material Safety Datasheets…)

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