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Roll-to-roll Surface Inspection

The inspection system consists of a winding unit with a CCD camera bank for pixel resolution down to 14 μm (100% web inspection) and a modular, moveable optical microscope with a point resolution down to 1 μm.

  • Contactless winding of the substrate under clean room class ISO6
  • 100% inspection by means of line scan cameras (pixel resolution 14μm)
  • Attached moveable optical microscope (point resolution 1μm)
  • Rewind mode for defect analysis detected by the line scan cameras
  • Automatic statistical analysis of recorded optical images by spot counting
  • Integrated confocal microscopy for substrate and device topography analysis


Specifications and Deliverables
– report with inspection results
– surface defect catalogue and map (if applicable)
Value Proposition
The customer will learn about processing and material defects on plastic film, metal foil or paper surfaces.

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