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The FEI dual beam SEM/Ga-FIB microscope combines the advantages of an ultra high-resolution electron microscope and an ion microscope. It can therefore be used for high-resolution imaging and as a material processing tool. The energy of the focused beam of gallium ions allows for the preparation material to be selectively removed and modified at the nanoscale. This is related to the possibility of making cross-sections, 3D reconstruction and TEM samples preparation, as well as prototyping processes in nano- and microscale. Available detectors: ETD, TLD, CBS and EDS.


Landing voltage range​:

  • electron beam: 350 V – 30 kV (50 V – 30 kV with Beam Deceleration mode),
  • ion beam: 500 V – 30 kV.


  • electron beam: 1 nm,*
  • ion beam: 2,5 nm.*

Maximum sample size:

  • diameter: 150 mm diameter with full rotation (assembly possible of larger preparations*),
  • height: 100 mm,
  • weight: 500 g (including the sample holder).


  • ETD (secondary electrons)
  • TLD (secondary electrons)
  • ICE (secondary ions)
  • CBS (backscattered electrons)


Specifications and Deliverables
– The ultra-high-resolution imaging of surface preparation.
– Creation and analysis cross-sections in nano- and microscale.
– Selective application of materials in FEBID and FIBID technology.*
– Imaging contrast material preparation.
– The ability to characterize a wide range of formulations of conductive and non-conductive without modifying them.*
– Three-dimensional reconstruction of the specimen on the basis of SEM images (approximately 1 000 µm3 volume).
– Preparation of high-quality TEM samples with a thickness of less than 100 nm.
– Rapid prototyping of spatial structures in nano- and microscale.

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