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UV VIS Spectroscopy


PerkinElmer Lambda900
PerkinElmer LS50B
HElIOSa Scan Intelliscan

Application examples

Determination of UV-VIS barrier for light-sensitive food products (UC5, UC6)
Optical characterisation and quality control in optical-grade films and coatings (UC1, UC4)


Specifications and Deliverables
Samples Sizes: up to A4 size
Possible to test according to DIN 10 050 Part 9 and on-demand conditions
Optical characterisation within the UV-VIS-NIR range (220 nm – 2500 nm; 175 nm – 3300 nm in transmission mode)
Measurements in transmission, reflection, and diffusion mode.
Angle-dependent measurements inside integrated sphere. VN-accessory for measurement of absolute reflectance
Optical density of band-stop filters to the limit of OD6
Emission and excitation spectra of materials within a spectral range of 200 to 850 nm

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